About us

Our Commitment to You

The ever-changing environment refreshing approach & distinctive statement. It requires making a commitment through innovation use of ideas & technologies to deliver practical & cost effective design. Our commitment of attentive & quality services leads to satisfied client & also servers as an added value to business relationship. Nonetheless being in a challenging & competitive profession commit to continue to explore, evolve & create. Making a difference The development of sophisticated design & infrastructure requires. extensive skills, project implementation experience & mastery of technoloqy. We are imimmited to delivering excellent in a practical & cost effective design for client's satishotioin.

Professional Services

The critical success critical any project lies not only in the methodology deployed, but in the vision & competencies of the people behind it. In large projects, competent management & planning skills are essential for smooth & successful implementation. Here we deploy all the necessary professionals equipment with the capabilities & experience to handle various types of projects. Our professional resources are ideally positioned to tender the following services.

Interior Design

interior 2We assist on formatting client needs & requirements, deciding on the themes & concept & estimating & establishing the budget & planning, ensuring them for practicality & cost effective.


Budget Hotel, Jalan IpohGravityRed has developed sound standards. & methodologies to address quality design solutions. By getting involved in every phases of project development, we ensure quality design being implemented throughout the construction & completion stages.

Project management

Our principle commitment is to ensure overall planning, cost 8 coordination of a project from inception to completion achieved at meeting client requirements in order that the project will be completed on time within cost 8 to the required quality standards. Strong support from our team experts assures the commitment to be achieved.
"Think outside the box", Creative thinking & process go hand in hand in graphic design. Creating & hence following the current trend of visual semiotis creates visual impacts through every sort of thinkable medium. Our background in architectural education ensures that practicality & aesthetics can he achieved.